What Does Owners Title Insurance Cover?

We’ve been on the education train lately – we’re all about making sure that people know what it is we do and why we do it. We’ve talked about what title insurance is, why you need it, and what’s in a title report.

Today, we’re going to tell you what title insurance covers.

When you make the one-time payment as a homeowner for title insurance, you can be assured that that insurance will cover such title issues as:

  • outstanding mortgage, liens or judgments against the property
  • property boundary disputes
  • easements & land claims
  • legal action against the property that could affect you
  • unknown heirs of previous owners that may arise and attempt to claim ownership
  • fraud, forgery or misrepresentation
  • chain of title disputes
  • clerical errors

Essentially, title insurance assures the buyer that not only are they purchasing a home that is, at the current time, free and clear of any claims at the time the title report is run, and ensures you’re covered for as long as you (or your heirs) own the property.

Title insurance is in place to give you peace of mind – and that’s just what we here at Sutherland Title aim to do day in and day out – provide peace of mind.

Any extra questions? Let us know – we’ve got you covered.