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We can get started on your Preliminary Title Report or Commitment for Title Insurance with something as simple as an address, parcel number and/or owners name.

Sutherland Title Company is pleased to present you with an easier way to place your order or request for information. It’s a technological wonder and you will be amazed!

Step 1:

Click here to Place an Order.

Step 2:

In your default email window, tell us briefly who you are, what you need, and attach any relevant information you may already have stored on your PC (i.e. REPC, Loan Application, Order Sheet, GFE…etc.)

Step 3:

Press Send in your default email program.

Easy as 1, 2, 3…It’s that SIMPLE!

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We enjoy talking to you!

Once we get your Order started we will immediately reply or contact you for any further details, information or clarification we may need to complete your request and get your real estate transaction ready to close.

Don’t let anyone waste your valuable time

Tired and frustrated about complicated order forms? Forms that require too much up front information? Forms that take forever to fill out? Forms that are wasting your valuable time? You already have the information stored on your PC, why duplicate it?

Sutherland Title Company believes placing an order or requesting information should be simple.

Information is the key to success

If you are requesting information such as plat maps, property profiles, CCR’s, farm packages, ownership or loan information, we will promptly reply to your request.

We won’t let you down

At Sutherland Title Company real people answer your calls. If submitting your order or request fails…please dial 801.266.4466. We will promptly answer every call to get you the information you need. You may also fax your request to 801.266.4561.

We Thank You

THANK YOU for trusting Sutherland Title Company to help you complete your Real Estate transaction(s) and fulfill your information request(s). We are here to give you the service you deserve.

You can Trust Us like no other.