You Have a Choice

The home-buying process is full of decisions. It’s an exciting time – and if you’ve been looking forward to it for any length of time at all, you’ve probably got a head full of thoughts and 20 tabs open on your internet browser. You’re looking at homes, neighborhoods and paint samples –  you’re checking out lending and insurance options, and doing all the research possible to get yourself as prepared for this next big step as possible.

As you well should.

Because all experts aside – this is YOUR purchase, for YOUR home, and YOUR future. That means the ball is in your court, and that’s exactly the way that it should be.

You choose:

  • Your Realtor®
  • Your Neighborhood
  • Your Home
  • Your Lender
  • Your Mortgage Loan

Make sure you keep that momentum all the way through the end of your transaction – and that means you should ALSO choose your Title company.

Yep. Most people don’t know that they have a choice in who handles their title + escrow – but they do, and they SHOULD, because all Title Companies are not created equally.

We’re going to be straight up honest with you here: all Title Insurance is the same -or ridiculously close to, at least.  We can’t offer you extreme discounts, or a free toaster oven with every title search or anything like that.

So then, WHY choose Sutherland?  

Because we have something to offer you that’s hard to find nowadays: a rock-solid reputation (29+ years in the making), and an office full of winning personalities and go-get-em attitudes.  Flippant that may sound, it’s the absolute truth.

Sutherland Title was founded on the firm belief that there’s nothing more important in business than principles and a foundation of trust and friendship. And we’ve never stopped striving to meet those standards.  Our team has become our family, and we have extra high expectations of every member of our family. And our clients? Well – we’ll just leave it to our family motto: Sutherland Title – Friendship Through Business.