What should you look for in a Title Insurance Company

Most people aren’t aware of all the choices they’ll have to make when they start their home buying journey.  Oh, they’re aware of the big ones, for sure: things like neighborhoods, home styles, and paint colors. They’re also aware that they’ll need to pick their mortgage and their Real Estate Professional, but they probably don’t know about all of the other decisions that go into purchasing a home.

But the thing is, we think you should be. We don’t think you should ever forget that the ball is in your court – and we want to remind you that you have more options than you think you do.

Because you DO have options. So do your homework – go ahead, we support you in that. Because we believe that you need to know who’s behind the scenes, and we proudly stand by our reputation.


How is your Title Insurance Company insured?  Sutherland Title Company is a Title Company build on Trust. Ask your title company if they carry the following types of insurance and have them provide evidence of the same…If they don’t…DO NOT close your real estate transaction with them. You can trust Sutherland Title Company to have all of your bases covered. The result…unwavering peace of mind.

Errors and Omissions Insurance “E & O Insurance” is business liability insurance for professionals such as title insurance agents, real estate agents and brokers, architects , attorneys, third party administrators, quality control workers, and other business professionals. An error or omission is a mistake which causes financial harm to another and can occur on almost any transaction in any profession. This type of insurance helps to protect; a professional, an individual or a company, from bearing the full cost (up to amount of policy) of defense for lawsuits and related cost of lives or property lost relating to an error or omission in providing covered Professional Services.

Escrow Security Bond and Cyber Liability Bond from Stewart Specialty Insurance Services (SSIS) are specifically crafted to meet the needs of both You, Sutherland Title Company and Stewart Title Guaranty. In recent years, the Title Industry suffered over $100 million in defalcation losses. We, in today’s market, can’t afford to forego protection against direct financial losses suffered as a result of dishonest or fraudulent acts by our agency personnel or others. Our Escrow Security Bonds and Cyber Liability Bonds protect us and you from acts such as:
• Embezzlement
• Computer fraud
• Payable fraud
• Receivable fraud
• Diversion schemes
• Fictitious write-offs
• Expense schemes
• Cyber theft

Reputation and History.  Ask your Realtor® and your Mortgage Lender questions about Title Insurance companies. Those of us in the Real Estate industry work closely with one another, and build good solid bonds built on trust and mutual respect for a job well done.  We’ve been in the industry a long time, and have upheld an excellent reputation.  Go ahead, ask around.

Convenience. Truth is, we know you don’t want to drive all around town to get to your home. We get that – and while we may have that small town feel, the Salt Lake Valley is really quite a bit place. We have two locations to meet your needs.

Salt Lake City:

920 East Wood Oak Lane, Suite 100
Salt Lake City, Utah 84117


1111 E Draper Parkway Ste 103
Draper UT 84020

Customer Driven. While we work hard to build and maintain relationships with other industry professionals, at the end of the day we’re well aware of who we work for, and who keeps us in business. We work for our clients, and you’ll never question that commitment.  Right to the very end of your transaction, we do everything we can to make sure you not only receive a job well done, but that you’re comfortable and happy with the process.  After all, repeat business and referrals are the best kind of praise there is.

Still not sure? Give us a call, or even just stop in. We’d be happy to sit down and answer any questions you may have about Title Insurance and our company in particular.

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