New Construction Home & Title Insurance

Wait, you’re thinking – I don’t need Title Insurance if I’m building a new home.



Stay with us here.

If you’ve been with us for the last little while, you may have seen some of our recent blog posts about What’s Inside a Title Report, and Why You Need Title Insurance – so you know that essentially, the Title Report pulls the history of the property to be sure that there are no liens or holds from previous title holders, and the Insurance protects you (and your lender) against any risks that could be associated with the property.

Again, you say,  why exactly would I need Title Insurance for a property that is brand new, where I will be the first title holder? Good question.

The answer is this: Title Insurance isn’t only affiliated with a home, it’s affiliated with the property. And the property will have a history all it’s own. Even if the property has never previously had anything built on it, it will have a history of ownership, and it’s important to ensure that ownership is clear and ready for transfer.

The Title Insurance – provided by yours truly, along with a property survey, will help be sure that the the boundaries are clear, and that every thing within those boundaries is free from any liens or claims from anyone else, including previous contractors and subcontractors.

Interesting, right? We sure think so.