Haunted History – Disclosure

There’s nothing more thrilling and appropriate this month than to talk about the dark history that could lie behind four walls.  You’ve likely heard it said before – you have to disclose anything out of the ordinary (or even extra-ordinary?) when selling a home in the sellers disclosures. But what does that REALLY mean?

Does that mean that if your house is haunted you have to introduce your paranormal residents to their new roommates? What EXACTLY are the terms, and even more to the point – how often does it actually happen?

The nitty-gritty: If you’re the seller of a home that has some kind of out of the ordinary activity – such as suicide, murder, or yes – even a haunting – there are laws concerning the necessity to disclose such activities should be closely followed.

The laws may vary, and we are not claiming expert knowledge inside this blog post, or providing any legal advice, but the gist of this is this: you’re selling a stigmatized property, a property that buyers or tenants may choose to bypass because of situations unrelated to the physical aspects of the property.

The laws of your state may vary, but you may have specific questions. Realtors may or may not be required to disclose specific things such as hauntings, murders, suicide, etc., but they are required to answer honestly if asked direct questions. So – bottom line – do you have to disclose? Maybe. You’ll need to check your state laws. Or better yet – consult with your Realtor. Need a referral? We’ve got you covered.

So – is this a thing that’s ever happened? Absolutely.

Like The Campbell Castle, in Wichita Kansas, currently listed for sale, that boasts a whopping 28 rooms and a rich, colorful history. Rumors swirl that the castle is haunted by several ghosts who hitched a ride on parts that were shipped from European Castles to aid in the Campbell’s Castle restoration. What do you say? Are you up for taking on a haunted house with a $3.5 million price tag?

*photo courtesy of Zillow